Kansas City Hates Poorly Planned Main Street Traffic Cone Maze

Turning one of the busiest parts of town into a traffic maze has earned justified complaints.

Sadly, the current administration isn't paying much attention to the growing push back. 

Meanwhile . . . The legacy of a defunct system that didn't work was recently discovered . . .

"Workers also unearthed pieces of the former streetcar service in that area, which hasn’t been in use since 1957. City crews paved over top of the old tracks decades ago."

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Complaints pile up over multiple construction projects across Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Growth comes at a cost, and sometimes, growing pains arrive too. Work has begun on the Kansas City Streetcar Expansion, a 5-mile stretch that will connect Union Station with the UMKC campus. The $330 million infrastructure project will cover more than 30 city blocks and, along with the planned Northland expansion, will triple the ground covered by the streetcars.