Kansas City Going Cray 2021

We've notice people behaving more erratically in public, local politicos seem out of sorts and certainly our social media "friends" have been whining about their mental state for more than a year. 

But now local mental instability is becoming more pronounced.

Check-it . . . 

"According to this year’s report by a community-based non-profit, Mental Health America, people struggling with anxiety increased in 2020 by 93% from 2019. For people with depression, it jumped by 62%."

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Kansas City behavioral health expert offers healthy coping exercises for mental health struggles

From COVID-19 fatigue and isolation to loss of loved ones and social unrest, the last year has been tough on the well-being of many people. But Roxanne Pendleton with Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health says human beings are resilient and there are ways to cope and heal.