Kansas City Faith Blogger Blames MAGA For Free Tibet FAIL?!?

Normally, we admit that former newsman and blogger Bill is a much more thoughtful and articulate scribe than most of the hacks in Kansas City; this blog included. 

However, we're having a hard time following along with his logic about the MAGA connection to the Kung-Fu fighting Tibetan monks and their plight which peaked with hipster college d-bag t-shirts in the 90s.

In describing the crackdown on an exotic theocracy and other religious oppression . . . Blogger Bill shares this insight: 

"Knowing all of that makes me all the more eager to preserve and protect our democratic republic here in the U.S. and to work against the kind of people who sought to destroy it on Jan. 6."


First of all, former Prez Trump didn't even know how to properly pronounce our the country's name. He said the word with an uncomfortably hard G and the way he kept pounding away at G-HINA (!!!) was kind of cringe-y. 

Anyhoo . . . Whilst the analogy wasn't very skillful, it still deserves consideration. 

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