Outcry from an exceptionally rowdy crowd was summarily ignored by city hall politicos and the outpouring of opposition merited very little acknowledgement from the mayor or his supporters.

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"A Kansas City council committee voted to extend the city's current mask mandate, as people in the crowd yelled "tyrant" and "we will not comply." The full council will vote on Thursday."

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Kansas City committee votes to extend indoor mask mandate; full council votes Thursday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After listening to multiple hours of lively public testimony, a Kansas City Council committee voted unanimously Wednesday night to extend the city's indoor mask mandate to Sept. 23. As soon as the committee made the vote, the crowd, who grew more agitated throughout the meeting, erupted with shouting.

After Raucous Meeting, Kansas City Council Committee Votes To Extend Mask Mandate

Kansas Citians could be required to mask up until the end of September upon the passage of a new city ordinance. The city council's transportation, infrastructure and operations committee unanimously voted to extend its existing indoor mask order until Sept. 23 on Wednesday night amid an outcry from those in the audience.

KC Council committee votes unanimously to recommend extending city's indoor mask mandate

Members of Kansas City's Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Committee voted unanimously Wednesday night to recommend extending the city's indoor mask mandate.The City Council will consider Thursday whether to approve it."Thank you to our public health officials and medical experts who continue to look out for our community's safety.

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