Kansas City COVID Hospital Surge Exposed

Perspective on how the pandemic is playing out from the perspective of medical pros. 

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"The problem is that it's not just a COVID patients who pay that price, every patient pays that price, because you can't be seen in an expedited fashion in the emergency rooms, which is by very definition supposed to be taking care of the emergent problems," Dr. Steve Stites, chief medical officer at the University of Kansas Health System, said Wednesday.

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'People waiting on gurneys': Doctors, nurses explain what it's like inside Kansas City hospitals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Full hospitals, exhausted workers and long wait times are scenes in hospitals across Kansas City, according to doctors and nurses. More than half of the people hospitalized in Kansas City are there for reasons other than COVID-19, but health experts said every person hospitalized because of the virus is delaying care to other patients with serious illnesses and injuries.