Kansas City COVID Cleaning Coming Soon?!?

Here's a sign of the times and more products that home & workplaces will soon have to buy given that the plague seems permanent and season now more than ever.

At the very least, we can only hope this tech helps spark more local jobs . . .

"The Kansas City metro company helped fund and design testing for the air purification system . . ."

Read more via our new collection tonight starting with local and then focusing on the big picture . . . 

Black & Veatch helps bring COVID-19-killing 'Air Vaccine' technology to market

A new device is using what's being called "Air Vaccine" technology to kill COVID-19 in the air. KMBC 9 got a look at how it works and the role Overland Park-based Black & Veatch played in getting it to market. COVID-19 is an invisible threat, lurking in public places we visit every day.

McDonald's Workers Given Dog Diaper Masks Settle Covid-19 Lawsuit

Workers at a California McDonald's franchise settled a Covid-19 safety lawsuit with their employer, according to multiple reports Thursday, closing a dispute that drew attention for its month-long strike following an outbreak of cases-and for the workers' claims that they were given dog diapers and coffee filters instead of face masks.

SoCal doc goes to extra lengths for COVID safety on JetBlue flight

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In his first airplane trip since the pandemic, a Southern California doctor wore a full respirator hood enclosed around his head - earning him funny looks from fellow passengers and eventually an order from the airline to replace it with a simple mask.

Yelp Just Made It Super Easy to Determine Where You Need 'Proof of Vaccination' to Enter

The "All staff fully vaccinated" filter is also available for businesses to note. On Thursday, Yelp's Vice President of User Operations, Noorie Malik, announced in a blog post that the organization has added two new (free!) features to its website and mobile app that show users how businesses are implementing COVID-19 guidelines.

Covid: Air purifier and UV light pilot to combat school virus spread

"We have to find out if they make a difference because it's a large investment to equip schools with this technology, and we need to know, when schools are struggling financially, is it the best possible investment at this moment in time?"

Which COVID safety practices will airlines keep long-term?

Airlines have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the health and safety of crew members and passengers.

COVID, wildfires spell big business for air purifier industry

Between the coronavirus's airborne transmission and more recently choking smoke sent aloft by Western wildfires - some of which drifted thousands of miles to settle over East Coast cities - the very air Americans breathe has gone from afterthought to worrisome threat. One sector that's managed to benefit from these dual crises is the air purifier industry.

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