Kansas City Consensus: Send Infrastructure Stimmy Now!!!

Local news is mostly parroting hype from elected leaders who need extra cash to spend on crumbling infrastructure AND to shore up cash payments to their supporters amongst professional protesters.

This hyperbolic note is typical of most cheerleading local news coverage . . .

Infrastructure Spending Deal Has Billions For Kansas And Missouri, Unless Congress Hits The Brakes

A trillion-dollar infrastructure plan advancing through the U.S. Senate would bring more than $11 billion to Kansas and Missouri as part of a plan that will do everything from repair roads and bridges to pay for public transportation. It would also pour money into electric vehicle charging networks and high-speed internet.

A peek at the consequences . . .

CBO: Bipartisan infrastructure bill will add $256B to national debt in next decade

Aug. 5 (UPI) -- The Congressional Budget Office on Thursday estimated the bipartisan infrastructure bill working through Congress would add $256 billion to the national debt over the next decade. The nonpartisan agency's report said the bill would decrease direct spending by $110 billion, increase revenues by $50 billion and increase discretionary spending by $415 billion from 2021-2031.

You decide . . .