Kansas City Confronts COVID Delta Double Down

True, TKC was pre-med during 6 years of rigorous study at the city college all whilst dealing with white women who wanted to get married to avoid the pressures of real job when, if fact, that was my goal as well. 

Postscript . . . If you count living in my mom's basement and occasionally confronting homelessness, tooth & gum decay along with a steady "diet" of coffee & microwave dinners  . . . I've "succeed" whereas (if a modest bit of social media snooping checking is correct) former lady friends had to delve even deeper into the dating pool in order to marry shorter dudes who aren't nearly as hilarious as your least favorite local blogger . . . We all make our sacrifices and I've heard that lifts are now acceptable for men . . . At least that's what I tell myself when shopping on Amazon, sniffling and listening to love songs from the 90s.

But I digress . . .   

Suffice it to say . . . TKC is not a doctor.

So, unlike every amateur epidemiologist lurking on social media, this humble blog won't pretend to understand the his new phase of the pandemic.

Instead we merely share information and (highly politicized) news links so that www.TonysKansasCity.com can serve as a resource and offer more information to consider whilst hurling blood curses, insults and starting lifelong feuds with strangers, friends and family online.

Check-it . . .

The latest local warning . . .

Busy Kansas City hospitals ask patients to avoid emergency rooms if possible

Doctors at Truman Medical Center/University Health want patients to avoid coming to the emergency room if at all possible.Currently, Truman Medical Center is still below the peak level of COVID-19 patients it saw in December.

Some on board, others not so much for return of mask mandate in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Even though a decision on a mask mandate has been, made there's still some tension behind it. "I'm keeping this on," Ed Humes, who lives in Kansas City, said. "I advise you to keep it on, because it's real." Wearing a mask is personal for some people.

More deets about the plague killing Kansas City's economy . . .

Organizers of trade show troubled by Kansas City's rising COVID-19 cases

Organizers of a trade show planned for November sent an email to the mayor, governor and tourism office, saying their guests have reservations about making reservations in Kansas City."As our planned event is less than 100 days away, our members are contacting us with increasing frequency about rising COVID cases

Kansas City rap music fans reject the vaxx . . .

KCMO reports 8 people vaccinated at Gucci Mane COVID-19 vaccine incentive event

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Sunday, the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department raffled off backstage passes to a Gucci Mane concert in efforts to promote the COVID-19 vaccine. According to a spokesperson for the city, only eight people received a vaccine.

One street, two cities and the struggle of a new mask order

As Kansas City businesses on Monday began to grapple with a new indoor mask mandate, business owners and managers along U.S. 40 Highway in eastern Jackson County are trying to understand the effectiveness of Kansas City's new rules.The mask requirement affecting the Tool Shed Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri, is much different than a mask recommendation at Fun House Pizza and Pub just three minutes down the street in Independence.

Clay County Public Health Center trustees take no action on COVID-19 guidance for schools

Following nearly three hours of public comment with a majority of speakers opposed to a mask mandate, the Clay County Public Health Center Board of Trustees took no action Monday night on COVID-19 guidance for schools and child care centers.

Golden Ghetto dress code outrage . . .

Shawnee Mission requires masks for elementary kids - The Sentinel

Elementary students and staff in Shawnee Mission schools are required to wear masks this fall but masks are just "highly recommended" for secondary staff and students. But elementary school staff will be permitted to opt out of wearing masks this fall if they provide proof of their vaccination status.

Stadiums plagued by questions . . .

No mask requirement at Arrowhead ahead of Chiefs preseason games; Royals still debating

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Masks returned to Kansas City, Missouri on Monday morning. The city's emergency order mandates everyone age 5 and older mask up while indoors. At this point, the newest mandate does not pertain to either Arrowhead or Kauffman stadiums because they are considered outdoor facilities.

Hipsters demand medical disclosure . . .

The Ship in the West Bottoms to require proof of vaccination certain evenings

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The Ship in the West Bottoms will be requiring proof of vaccination at certain times of the week. The restaurant updated their website Monday to mention the upcoming change and posted on social media, as well. Their Facebook post states their updated COVID-19 protocols will go into effect at 11 a.m.

Your boss empowered to make health decisions for workplace . . .

More companies requiring COVID-19 vaccinations, but is it legal? Local attorney explains

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- From hospitals, concert venues, to restaurants, more and more places are mandating their employees get vaccinated. But a lot of people are asking FOX4 if that is legal. "For employers it's really the public safety and public health and employers have a lot of discretion what applies in the employers workplace," said Attorney Bill Martucci.

Doctors: Young, healthy not exempt from long-hauler syndrome

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While many initially believed being young and healthy would prevent any serious or lingering COVID-19 side effects, doctors now say that may not always be the case. University of Kansas Health System doctors addressed the topic in their Tuesday morning media call.

With COVID cases among kids increasing, KC doctors offer advice for staying safe at school

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Coronavirus cases continue to rise among children in the Kansas City metro, while the vaccination rate among teens remains low. The vaccination rate among kids ages 12-17 is only about 25%, according to the Mid-America Regional Council. Experts at Children's Mercy Hospital are concerned, especially with kids heading back to school soon.

Even Fox News admits threat . . .

Delta COVID-19 variant is 'way more dangerous' than original strain, expert says

Amid an uptick in COVID-19 hospitalizations nationwide, officials have pointed to the delta variant as a driving factor in new cases. One expert also noted anecdotal reports emerging that in hospitalized patients, the illness is progressing in a quicker manner than previous strains.

Developing . . .