Kansas City Card Counter Claps Back Against Casino

Yes, those are COVID playing cards and they're pretty sweet.

However, they're not as much fun as bending the rules legally.

This slice of life offers a glimpse at card shark life before the pandemic and a tragic reminder for po'folk that it's easier to win in court than at casinos.

He claims one incident of harassment in 2015 crossed a line, though, when he says casino employees improperly requested his identification.

That prompted him to sue Ameristar in U.S. Court for the Western District of Missouri, claiming that the casino was fully aware of state laws related to demanding identification and acted with malicious intent. He seeks damages of attorney fees, lost wages, and emotional and psychological distress. He seeks judgment in an amount exceeding $25,000.

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Card-counting gambler says Ameristar Casino's harassment prompts lawsuit - Kansas City Business Journal

A gambler named Darrell Combes claims he was illegally harassed and arrested at Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City because of his ability to count cards played during a blackjack game. Combes claims he is known to Ameristar as an "advantage player" who can count cards, which is legal under Missouri law.