Kansas City Blight Kills People!?! And Free Money Saves Lives!?!

On this Sunday we share a revelation by way of journalists who, tragically, probably didn't get their first choice Ivy League school if they're slugging it out trying to dictate cowtown policy.

To wit and because we hear this lame idea every few years . . .


It's an explanation, and really more of a supposition, that is less exciting than the rise of local gangs connected to the drug trade and tragic domestic drama trending that correlates with public health lockdowns . . . But, on the bright side, blaming blight absolves individuals of their responsibility and targets big banks and land owners with culpability.

Also . . . Allocating taxpayer cash to fight this problem is much easier than trying to fix the demise of the American family.  

Check the premise . . .

"Both St. Louis and Kansas City are blighted with acres of abandoned property, owned publicly and privately. Gun violence follows the vacancy from neighborhood to neighborhood virtually without fail, data shows."

The upshot . . . This story is likely a prelude to yet another effort to tear down vacant buildings -- An idea that's not entirely without merit.

However, let's remember that former Mayor Sly tried the same thing back in 2016 and it had ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT ON KCMO CRIME NUMBERS.

But it serves as a nice distraction.

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'We should be doing more': In St. Louis and KC, fixing vacancy reduces gun violence * Missouri Independent

ST. LOUIS At first, Chassidy Howard thought she was hearing fireworks. Then she felt the pain in her leg. It was excruciating - she had been shot. Howard fell down behind a car and listened to her grown son Buddy call out from down the street. "Mama, mama, I've been hit!