Kansas City BBQ 'Gentrified' Amid Criticism Of Exclusion

Here's a tragic fact that might be hard to swallow for some: You're BBQ is probably racist.

Sorry, but any conversation about BBQ shouldn't be confined to friendly ribbing about sauces or favorite restaurants . . . Instead, we must have an often unsavory "conversation" about inequity when talking about Kansas City's signature cuisine.

Accordingly, here's an informative passage that might not make for great dinner talk but offers a new and trendy way for our woke friends to ruin appetites in yet another venue . . .

Look no further than Kansas City’s claim to fame: burnt ends. These crispy shards of meat, cut from the point end of a smoked brisket, were first popularized by the late barbecue legend Arthur Bryant.

Adrian Miller, James Beard Award-winning author of “Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue." says that in some restaurants, burnt ends have almost been “gentrified” into what he calls “Instagrammable, perfectly manicured cubes of meat.”

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