Kander Welcomes New Friends As Kabul Falls

More than any other denizen of the political discourse, former Missouri SecState and KCMO mayoral candidate Jason Kander has a unique perspective on Afghanistan because he served there as an intelligence officer.

Overnight, he offered this hot take as the U.S. evacuates allies . . .

It's compassionate, welcoming and carefully avoids all of the other criticism that Prez Biden endures right now.

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US criticised as it races against time to save its Afghan helpers from Taliban

The US is in a race against time to ramp up the processing of its former Afghan employees under threat from the Taliban military juggernaut, but critics say the effort is too little and too late for Afghans who responded to western urging to build a more democratic society.

Taliban enter Kabul outskirts, await 'peaceful transfer' of Afghanistan capital

Taliban fighters entered the outskirts of Kabul on Sunday, with a spokesman for the terror organization saying they were expecting a "peaceful transfer" of Afghanistan's capital city to their control. Spokesman Suhail Shaheen made the remarks to the Al-Jazeera English news channel in Qatar, according to The Associated Press.

Clay County Sheriff recalls past work in Afghanistan as turmoil grips country

LIBERTY, Mo. - Will Akin oversees law and order as Sheriff of Clay County and at one time helped instill law and order through his work in Afghanistan. Akin worked as a contractor in Afghanistan between 2009 to 2012. He worked as a police advisor where he mentored local police in the war-torn country.

Taliban at Gates of Kabul as Afghanistan Collapses Without U.S. Support

With every other major Afghan city already in the hands of the Taliban, and the U.S. evacuation of its citizens "well underway" on Sunday, the militant group is now at the gates of Kabul. The Islamic group that the U.S.

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