Johnson County Party District Coming Soon?!?

Good times for the elite is a better investment than the struggling retail biz.

A recent report cites liquor code chances that could create a boozy renaissance for the Golden Ghetto.

Here's the word . . .

"A repeal of the food sales requirement passed with seventy-eight percent of the vote. In May, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly signed a measure allowing customers to grab alcohol to go after the pandemic. Together, these changes finally opened well-off and population-dense Johnson County to bars—real bars—for the first time. Now, the question: Will the bars come?"

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Will new laws open Johnson County to its first-ever nightlife district?

Drastic measures' opening was a gamble, and not because it opened in the middle of the pandemic last June. The downtown Shawnee speakeasy serves elegant hand-crafted cocktails but no food. Until November, Johnson County technically required establishments to make thirty percent of their earnings in food sales.