Johnson County Cancels 'Negro Creek' But Keeps Kill Creek

Honestly, TKC's Spanish isn't worsening because of fewer trips out into the plague-filled world . . . However, the kerfuffle over "negro creek" really does seem like a tempest in a teapot because en EspaƱol it's simply a word for the color black without all of the hangups of American pop culture.

Still . . . A name game struggle has occupied too much space in the minds of the JoCo middle-class.

Here's background from the public meeting . . .

Presentation on possible renaming of Negro Creek

"Negro Creek spans approximately 6.5 miles through the cities of Overland Park and Leawood. It is one of six geographic places in five Kansas counties, including Johnson County, and 757 sites in the nation with Negro or a related term in their names. Johnson County is the first jurisdiction in the state to launch a program to provide details about a creek with Negro in its name and explain the lengthy and complicated renaming process."

Meanwhile . . .

Kill Creek is alive and well and the highway sign gives me the creeps every time I pass it on my way to KU to apply for a job as a law lecturer - I've heard it was a fun gig and doesn't really take that much talent. 

Read more via news link . . .

Controversial name, history of Johnson County creek leads to possible name change

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Negro Creek in Johnson County is unknown to many, including Jay Holbert, the president of the NAACP branch in Johnson County. Until recently. "I didn't even know we had a creek like that running through here, but the more you read about it and research it, there's a lot of things that we really don't know," Holbert said.