Jackson County Property Tax Payment Plan Debuts After Eviction Deadline

The courthouse is offering just a bit of help as federal pandemic protections come to a conclusion and the stimmy runs out.

Check deets about the program for those up late worrying about how they're going to pay bills . . .

"To qualify, homeowners’ houses must be scheduled for next month’s delinquent tax sales. They must show proof they live in an owner-occupied residential property and must not have defaulted on a county installment payment contract in the last two years. Only one extended installment contract is allowed per taxpayer. The extended installment contracts must be signed by homeowners and received by the Collection Department prior to the beginning of the delinquent tax sale involving their homes."

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Jackson County provides installment plan for homeowners delinquent on property taxes

By John Sharp Most Jackson County homeowners whose houses are scheduled to be sold to the highest bidders at tax sales beginning August 9 & 16 to recover delinquent property taxes now have the option of entering into extended installment contracts to pay their delinquent taxes and avoid losing their homes.