It Wasn't COVID That Killed Kansas City Royals 2021 Season

Don't blame the pandemic for one of the worst "rebuilding" years in franchise history.

The home team is 2nd to last in AL Central standings and sinking quickly.

Even worse . . . Baseball fans here at contend that the front office doesn't seem very busy in recruiting new talent.

Last night's disappointment . . .

Carlos Santana leaves *nine* men on base as Royals fall in extras, 8-6

Back from losing two out of three to the St. Louis Cardinals and back from a 3-6 road trip, the Kansas City Royals fought valiantly against the New York Yankees in the stadium where they had a winning record.

And the big picture . . .

The Royals can't or won't make the hard decisions

Anybody who's played fantasy sports knows the wheeling and dealing that is more or less a requirement in order to do well. Fortunately, the players on your team aren't players, but avatars of said players that represent the potential for fantasy points and nothing else.

Developing . . .