Homeless Camp Confrontation: Crystal Williams' Office Vs. Journalists

Tensions are high at local homeless camps and the rising tempers seem to be coming from the offices of elected officials who are under siege from constituents fed up with the worsening crisis.

Accordingly, here's a bit of testimony that's floating around the Courthouse which describes a recent confrontation . . .

We removed the name worker-bee even though this statement is now a matter of public record . . . What's more important is the lack of concern from a veteran local politico. 

Here's the word . . . 

On July 20 at around 3 p.m., Northeast News interns walked to the grass patch located at the intersection of The Paseo and Independence Avenue to cover a news story on the city clearing the homeless encampment there.

Once they arrived, they were approached by A WORKER FOR COUNTY LEGISLATOR CRYSTAL WILLIAMS who asked who they were. Upon revealing that the trio were interns for the Northeast News, she said, “F*** you guys.” After repeating the expletive multiple times, she explained that her anger was not toward the interns, but toward the Northeast News and specifically, (publisher) Michael Bushnell.

Soon after, another homeless advocate joined her and indicated he was happy to have the interns on site, to tell the plight of the homeless but he was repeatedly interrupted by CRYSTAL'S HENCH-WOMAN as she continued throwing expletives out.

As Bushnell pulled up to the intersection, CRYSTAL'S MINION shouted that he arrived and started pointing her middle finger toward him multiple times. She expressed that she would tell Bushnell her personal grievances against him to his face."

Here's what's worse and the point of this story . . .

Upon follow-up with the office of the 2nd District At-Large Legislator . . . Her response was "lukewarm and rather snide at best" according to dox.

And so, we can talk about politics and policy when it comes to the homeless . . . But it seems like local elected officials and their staffers are taking this issue personally.

Developing . . .