Hipsters @ The Pitch Denounce KCPD Chief

First of all, credit where it's due . . . The Pitch continues to publish long after its audience moved to navel gazing via Twitter.

In a screed that reads more like a passive aggressive note from a barista than a news report . . . The "alternative" publication touts a report that came out last month. 

What the promo for the "police scorecard" doesn't mention is that it's basically just a publicity stunt from a Stanford grad activist and professional protester.

Moreover, this isn't so much an "alternative" take given that MSNBC is and always has been a mainstream project started by a GE television partnership with Microsoft and now garners pretty decent ratings . . . At least when they're obsessing over & reporting the antics of former Prez Trump.

Anyhoo . . .

Here's the screed and KCAI dropout art that I'm hoping they didn't pay too much for . . . Check-it:

Hell to the Chief

Kansas City's police department has had five chiefs over the past two decades, not counting interim appointees or the current occupant. If you average out their tenures, a good expectation for time of service is five and a half years. Current Chief Rick Smith will reach four years in August.

You decide . . .