Hipsters At The Pitch Back Down From Promoting Downfall Of United States

In a case of horribly bad timing, The Pitch offered a silly bit of free writing that they instantly regretted.

Here was the proposed headline for a garbage op/ed that has since been pulled:

The Pitch: Examining the irreconcilable differences within a forced American Union

To be fair, here at TKC I've written a ton of things that I regret and now try as best as I can to stop referencing former lady friends and their goofy, short (er) husbands. 

Still, www.TonysKansasCity.com hasn't ever promoted the downfall of the Republic just because a council member was rude.

Overall the column was tripe and less than sophomoric . . . Again, we won't get into details here because the screed was wisely scrapped.

What we will say is that, like everyone else, The Pitch is struggling to find their niche amid social media era when every goofball (and blogger) can be a pundit with far more influence than "professional" scribes. 

You decide . . .