Climate Change Sky Falling In Kansas City

Consider that experts claim the world is going to end in 12 years . . . I'm not sure if Kansas City hipsters can save the planet. 

Maybe a few more bike lanes will help.

To better inform the discussion, here's a peek here's some "climate" science which reports that Summer is, indeed, very hot in this cowtown . . .

"Kansas City, more than most, falls victim to the urban heat island effect: the bubble of heat created around cities when heat is trapped in pavement and buildings and re-released rather than being cooled by vegetation and water. Kansas City was ranked 7th on a list of 60 cities with the most intense urban heat islands. Surface temperatures can be up to 13 degrees hotter in the city than surrounding rural locations . . ."

Read more via news link . . .

Kansas City suffers from severe urban heat. Research underway may help leaders address it * Missouri Independent

KANSAS CITY - The strain excessive heat was putting on the streets of Kansas City was obvious during a streak of days earlier this month when peak temperatures stayed above 90 degrees for days in a row.