Don't Turn Blind Eye To Kansas City Post-Riot Testimony

Fact is, even law enforcement sought improvement after the devastating 2020 BLM riots on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza.

From our vantage that we're sure will irritate authorities who don't like being second guessed . . .

Police initiating a standoff/skirmish line with protesters was a horrific tactical mistake which was eventually resolved with KCPD adjusting and later enacting looser "kettling" tactics that didn't incite as much conflict. 

Nevertheless, a legal challenge seeks to create change. 

Here's the word . . .

The lawsuit alleges it was a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper who fired the round in question. Lawyer James Thompson said the suit is directed at Kansas City because the state troopers were working under mutual aid agreement with the KCPD.

“I don’t think there was sufficient guidance. There wasn’t sufficient directive and coordination with respect to use of force,” posited Thompson.

The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages for Sean Sterns but it’s also asking a judge to order specific policies be enacted and trained on.

Below are just a few:

- Prohibit “shooting projectiles indiscriminately into crowds of people exercising their rights of free speech…”
- Require “badges and badge numbers [be] prominently displayed…”
- Require that officers with the KCPD “(and those under its control) only give orders to disperse when there is imminent danger of harm to persons (not property)”
- Require “adequate time” and room to disperse.

Sterns said he’s conflicted about suing but felt like he had to address what he sees as a bigger picture problem.

“It’s the disproportionate response essentially,” he replied when asked what his biggest concern is. “There has to be a better way.”

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Man blinded by projectile at 2020 Plaza protest discusses lawsuit against city

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Sean Stearns said he was with his girlfriend on May 30th, the third day of the protests by the Plaza fountain prompted by the police killing of George Floyd. It was between 11:30 p.m. and midnight , he said, when something hit him in the eye.