Considering Pompeo Amid Afghanistan FAIL

TKC readers request a mention of a Kansas power player and his big time role in the current hot mess playing out in Afghanistan.

We won't pretend to assign culpability but the name check and his statements on the situation are worth a peek via this news collection . . . 

Mike Pompeo blames fall of Afghanistan on Biden's climate change and critical race theory priorities

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday slammed the Biden administration over the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, suggesting the administration's focus on hot-button issues such as climate change and critical race theory played a role in the failure.

Why Mike Pompeo's vacillations on Afghanistan matter

A month ago today, Mike Pompeo was in Iowa and spoke briefly to the Associated Press about U.S. policy in Afghanistan. The former secretary of state was only too eager to "applaud" the withdrawal of U.S. troops, saying he wants "fewer kids in harm's way."

Photo of Mike Pompeo meeting with Taliban comes back to haunt him

A photo of former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo meeting with a Taliban delegation has come back to haunt him as the ex-Trump official has criticised President Joe Biden over the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Mr Pompeo met with a Taliban delegation, including Abdul Ghani Baradar, last fall in Qatar as he sought to negotiate the Trump-backed peace deal with the militant group.

Pompeo: Biden 'failed' in Afghanistan withdrawal plan, is 'pathetic' for blaming Trump

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Biden administration has "failed" in its withdrawal from Afghanistan as the Taliban is poised to retake control of the country and the U.S. is ending its nearly 20-year military presence there. Pompeo also pushed back against President Biden's claim that he inherited a bad situation from his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

Chris Wallace Confronts Pompeo: Do You Regret Giving Taliban 'Legitimacy'?

Amid the widespread criticism that's been thrown at the Biden administration over the collapse of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of American troops, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace kept it fair and balanced on Sunday morning when he confronted former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his own record of legitimizing and emboldening the Taliban.

You decide . . .