Brittany Matthews Keeps Struggles Away From Social Media

Credit the the forever fiancée of Kansas City Chiefs star QB Patrick Mahomes . . . Recently she shared a tacit admission that her socials don't really offer a complete view of her real life.

Here's the money line . . .

In a Q&A on her Instagram Story this past Sunday, she got candid about sharing mostly positive moments of the experience after a follower said, "Post the momma struggles too, we know you have them. You post as if it's always perfect."

"Yes I have them. But I choose not to talk about them on here," Matthews explains. "That's my own personal choice. I try not to make everything seem perfect, I'm sorry if I do, cause you're right that's not the case about everything."

Translation . . . Her "followers" are just getting garbage commercial content . . . And they shouldn't expect anything more significant than a constant sales pitch.

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Brittany Matthews Chooses 'Not to Talk About' Parenting Struggles on Instagram: 'Yes I Have Them'

"I try not to make everything seem perfect. I'm sorry if I do," says Brittany Matthews Brittany Matthews doesn't aim to project parenting perfection on social media. After welcoming her first baby, daughter Sterling Skye, with fiancé Patrick Mahomes back in February, Matthews has shared glimpses of her life as a new mom on Instagram.