Amid Fight Over COVID Masks, Christine White Drops Out School Board Race

We didn't really follow this story but the postscript is interesting. 

Basically, from what we can tell . . . Overwhelming, divisive and bitter debate regarding COVID public health protocols drove this lady to decide against elected office.

Special thanks to readers for sharing the full text of the opt-out . . .

Christine White withdraws from race

I entered pediatric medicine because I wanted to make a difference in improving the overall health of a vulnerable population in our society. That still holds true to this day.

I have made the decision to withdraw from the Blue Valley School Board race. I plan to focus my time and energy on my family, my medical practice, and educating patients and their families about how to limit their exposure to COVID-19.

While it is too late to remove my name from the ballot, if I am elected, I will resign the position to allow another community volunteer to serve in that capacity. This was a decision that I reached independently, and it was not something I felt pressured to do.

Our society has been battling a serious threat to our health and prosperity for a year and a half. And that time will be extended indefinitely until we, as a society, make a concerted effort to eradicate COVID-19. It has devastated many families who have lost their loved ones, their vitality, their jobs and livelihoods.

How to live in a pandemic has also divided communities. But we need to work together to rid COVID-19 and it’s variants from our society. And that starts with education. It is extremely important that our kids get to attend school in person, and wearing masks can ensure that occurs. That is why, with the arrival of new variants, my views on masks have changed.

I want to be a part of collaborative efforts to educate the public that wearing masks, getting the COVID-19 vaccine when eligible, socially distancing and practicing hand hygiene all play an important role in stopping the spread.


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