Aftermath: Violence Plagues Kansas City Church Refuge

There's a cost for doing good deeds in Kansas City.

Here's one example out of many . . .

“We have made a difference, but what comes along with making a difference we have people to hang around the church because really, the church is the refuge,” Pastor Willie Thornton said. “We were called here to do ministry. What we can’t do is just church. We have to try to impact this community. It starts with the church. Then it also starts with the legal system and the social services to come in and law enforcement. We have to come together as a team.”

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'A religious magnet': Kansas City neighbors blame church for squatters, prostitution, drug problems

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - People living in one Kansas City neighborhood are fed-up with what they call an increasingly dangerous situation from squatters, break-ins, prostitution and shootings. Some in the area are blaming a local church that hands out free food. "That's a religious magnet over there.