27-Year-Old Kansas City Un-vaxxed Worker Dies

A recent SOUL CRUSHING STORY reveals the horrible consequences of the plauge that will only be met by more denials from Internets trolls or cretins who think that a jelly belly merits death.

As the pandemic persists, the worsening deadly toll makes the political motives of ambitious souls seem far less important as the plebs simply struggle to survive. 

Tragic end game . . .

"He was hospitalized on a Friday. In the beginning, he was in high spirits.

"But his conditions quickly deteriorated.

"By Monday night, he was intubated, and two days later the 27-year-old died."

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Beloved FedEx worker dies from COVID-19 less than three months before wedding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Besides spending time with his fiancée and traveling with family, Ian Hawkins devoted himself to his job at FedEx on Highway 210 where he worked his way up from a package handler to an area manager. "Ian was a big force there.