Will Feds Expose Shawnee Mission Role In Native American Genocide?!?

I might have to change out this graphic even though hotties clowning the Natives pretty much speaks to the local discourse.

TKC was educated in this part of town and there's a chance that this blog is owed REPARATIONS for the sake of history and consensual, age-appropriate but sadly unfinished hjs.

Money line . . .

"A federal initiative will investigate historic sites of boarding schools for Native American children, but it's unclear how that will affect the Shawnee Indian Mission in Fairway, Kansas."

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Tribe Leaders Demand Search For Any Children Buried At Shawnee Indian Mission

Nationwide, historic sites of boarding schools for Native American children will be investigated through a new federal initiative - but that effort may not include Shawnee Indian Mission in Fairway. Still, mission officials as well as Shawnee Tribe leaders say a more thorough accounting of the Shawnee Indian Mission's history is needed, nearly 200 years after it was founded by Johnson County namesake Thomas Johnson.