TKC Told You So: Kansas City Homeless Agenda Stays Losing

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A recent Westside warning reveals the frustration . . .

"Heads up several homeless guys walking through neighborhood checking cars and porches. Two guys were headed up 29th street toward summit. One guy had a huge velour maroon sombrero on and orange shorts. Both were Caucasian. More walking from pen valley area toward neighborhood. Wcan center suggested to call them in to 911 and give a description of them. Let them explain why they are going up and down streets of SH Westside. Lock your cars and don’t leave anything visible in car or out on porch or yard like bikes, strollers or wagons. We work too hard to have people help themselves to our things."

Follow-up news after TKC's FIRST report . . .

KCMO council committee stalls 3 measures addressing homelessness despite outcry

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three measures that would implement crucial services for the homeless stalled in the city council's Finance, Governance and Public Safety committee . Some council members hoped to move forward with at least one of the three measures. Committee Chair Katheryn Shields decided to hold all three until Aug.

Kansas City homeless community, advocates frustrated by delayed city proposals

The Kansas City Council is considering several proposals to address the persisting issue of homelessness, but continued delays are fueling frustration. Three proposals to help the homeless community were pushed back to a Finance, Governance and Public Safety committee meeting in two weeks.

Kansas City public works moved a homeless camp from a median to a city park. Park officials say they can't stay there, either

It's unclear where the residents will go next, or why public works officials moved residents to a place they would be told to leave two days later.

Paseo homeless camp cleared for safety, City says

By Lexi Garcia, Tatum Goetting, Corbin Smith On July 20, the City of Kansas City's Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department conducted a sweep at the intersection of Independence Avenue and The Paseo Boulevard to remove solid waste left by individuals camping there.

Shelter KC: Solving homelessness about more than housing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On July 15, around 400 people in Kansas City, Missouri, had to seek out new shelter. An initiative which provided hotel rooms to people experiencing homelessness ended, leaving many to transition to living elsewhere - at a shelter, maybe with friends, or even back on the street .

Community calls for action after proposals to address homelessness are held for 2 weeks

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Community members are calling for quick action to offer shelter to people who are living in homeless camps as an Excessive Heat Watch will remain in effect in Kansas City from Friday afternoon through Wednesday of next week.

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