TKC Playlist: Kansas City Homeless Crisis Cont'd

For late night readers we share an important perspective on the worsening homeless crisis from the street level thanks to EXCELLENT citizen media reporting from local activist and all around good dude, Carlos.

As Camp 6ixx relocates yet again, here's a message regarding a recent run-in with the local less fortunate, of which there are many . . .

Mid Summer Nights Networking

Did a drive on the eastside today and gave a couple homeless folks a ride to
Independence Square with their bikes in the back of the pick up.

Not much time to do personal interviews but I was able to ask them a few questions.

The man and woman had lived in the Kansas City Metro all their life.

The man was in need of medical attention and was clearly in pain from visible varicose veins in his right arm.

I asked them if they had a hard time getting mail and transportation to doctors and if they were attempting to apply for Social Security Disability.

Most people don't know that Social Security is earned after a person becomes age 62- 65 or become physically disabled which is very common considering most work requires individuals to stand and lift on concrete floors. Under these conditions the body starts showing signs of degenerative joint disease. And if they qualify for Voc Rehab well, that's just another hoop to get into another dead end job.  The USPS isn't taking on people with disabilities, the army doesn't want them, the carpenters union don't want them and certainly the bar owner's at Westport have no use for the used up and penniless souls.

What we do know about the homeless situation is there's been 2,000 new winter campers arriving in  Kansas City for the past 8 years.  That number is not going to be falling to soon.  So on this mid summer night we have to ask ourselves "how are we going to keep people from freezing in Kansas City 4 months from now?

Ask KCPD about the homeless situation and they can only shrug their shoulder for an answer?

Ask Avila College and they will tell you they have provided graduates with degrees in Social Work and are best suited to take on the task at Camp Sixx.

Ask labor and their answer is a little more detailed and often get a shrug for the Governor in Jefferson. We've had three Missouri Governor's since the spike in overdose deaths, suicide, gun violence and homelessness came to the forefront so rest assured we are on our own here in Kansas City . . .

And this report inspires our playlist tonight . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.