#TBT: Kansas City Hyatt Disaster 40th Anniversary Commemorated

Here's a peek at ongoing coverage and an important milestone for Kansas City and the people who remember the history of this town . . .

KMBC 9 Chronicle: The Skywalk Tapes - Images from the night the skywalks fell, forever changing KC

On July 17, 1981, two suspended walkways collapsed inside Kansas City's Hyatt Regency Hotel. The event became one of the worst man-made disasters in American history, and the shockwaves are still being felt four decades later. It was a dark day, and Kansas City will never be the same.

Heroism, humanity during Hyatt Skywalk collapse to be highlighted on 40th anniversary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This weekend marks 40 years since the deadliest non-deliberate structural failure in U.S. history. When the Skywalk at the Hyatt Regency collapsed, 114 people were killed in Kansas City and more than 200 injured. A memorial was dedicated in 2015 near the site of what is now a Sheraton Hotel.

Architect of Hyatt Regency hotel recounts 1981 night skywalks fell

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bob Berkebile calls July 17, 1981, the longest night of his life. There are a lot of people who could describe that night the same way, but Berkebile's story of that night is different. Around 7 p.m., two of the skywalks in the Hyatt Regency hotel lobby collapsed onto the dance floor below.

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