Survey Seyz: Kansas City Unsatisfied

Life in the aftermath of the pandemic hasn't been living up to expectations in Kansas City or across the nation.  

Here's tonight's laugh from our friends in public radio . . . 

"People are far more interested in the Health Department, for example. People are less satisfied with parks and recreation services. And the results don’t just get filed away in a dusty drawer — these surveys inform and impact where money is allocated in the future.

"The top priority for residents: infrastructure. Most agree it’s important (65%), but few (17%) are satisfied with where things stand."

Sadly, these numbers aren't incredibly important and, in fact, they don't REALLY influence city hall spending. Instead, collecting and presenting the data helps to provide jobs and fosters the illusion of municipal democracy.

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Kansas City Residents Tell The City They Want Better Sidewalks, Streets And Trail Systems

How do you like living in Kansas City, Missouri? Would you recommend it as a place to raise kids? What city services are most important to you? Every year, the city asks a random sample of residents to answer questions like these through mail or online surveys.