Stray Bullets Threaten Rural Johnson County Family

Gun control is a LOSING political debate for progressives in Kansas but the very real danger confronting a JoCo family could change opinions on the controversial topic.

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"Matthew and Katie Keys led an idyllic life in Stilwell, Kansas, until a bullet shot through the walls of their home and into their kids' playroom, shattering the frame of Matthew's architecture license before lodging in the kids' art cart. Shocked to learn gunfire is legal so close by, they're now leading the fight to change gun laws in their area."

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'There's a blowout in the wall': Johnson County family says stray bullets put residents in danger

STILWELL, Kan. - Katie and Matthew Keys are living their dream; To raise their son and daughter in the town they grew up in - Stilwell, a community where the country meets the suburbs. The Keyses live in a gray and white house located on a one-acre, tree-lined lot in a subdivision.