Sketchy Kansas Dept. Of Labor Website Stays Losing

The pandemic exposed horrible problems in the social safety net and Kansas unemployment insurance proved to be one of the worst signs of FAIL in all of the Midwest.

Here's the latest insult added to injury for people who have paid into the system . . .

The Kansas labor department recently switched from to a new debit card provider, U.S. Bank, and many claimants have grown frustrated with the delays in receiving their cards — and therefore, their benefits.

The state has blamed many of its unemployment struggles on its outdated computer system. This includes long call lines and payment delays, which left thousands of Kansans struggling to make ends meet.

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KDOL warns of delays for unemployment payments due to technical difficulties

TOPEKA, Kan. - Unemployed Kansans should prepare for another disruption from the Kansas Department of Labor. The troubled state agency said Tuesday it's experiencing technical difficulties and therefore, payments will be delayed. As of Tuesday afternoon, the labor department said on Facebook that the website was down.