Show-Me Senator Hawley 'Contempt' For Democracy Seyz Newspaper

The so-called "big lie" and an EPIC MAGA FIST BUMP made perfect targets for an STL newspaper over the holiday in an editorial that earned nationwide acclaim.

Apparently, the patriotism of politicos, or lack thereof, was a theme for the day.

Check the money line . . .

The “lasting danger” of the violent storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6 is the “contempt for electoral democracy that the episode has exposed on America’s political right,” the editorial warned.

That contempt was exposed by the 147 Republicans in Congress — “led by Missouri’s own Sen. Josh Hawley” — who, having “just witnessed first-hand the violence that Trump’s big vote-fraud lie had visited upon the seat of government, further promoted that lie, voting to overturn a valid election based on nothing but their supporters’ disdain for the outcome.”

Hawley, notably, was photographed flashing a raised fist to encourage people at the Capitol on Jan. 6 before the day’s violence began in earnest.

The contempt for democracy was also exposed in Republicans’ failure to “hold Trump accountable for what was arguably the most impeachable thing any sitting president has ever done,” and by GOP lawmakers blocking an investigation into the Jan. 6 violence, the Post-Dispatch editorial pointed out.

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