Should KC Metro Restart COVID Mask Mandate Amid Rise Of Delta?!?

Kansas City is plagued by troubling pandemic numbers and stories of suffering returning to local & national news outlets.

The MSM warns us that COVID Delta is making a horrific comeback whilst a quick look outside reveals NOBODY is wearing a mask and there's very little concern over fear of debilitating sickness.

And so we ask our blog community because politicos won't let voters decide . . .


We ask this question not because we want you d-bags to play scientist . . . Instead, we're concerned about the implications for the local economy, mental health and civil liberties that will be impacted whether or not the masks stay on or off.

Again, the only thing we know for sure is that residents, voters and taxpayers won't have much say over any decision as the plague and culture war debate over public health dress codes resurface with a vengeance. 

We share a few more links for background . . .

Delta variant continues spread across metro with Kansas City up nearly 70% total cases

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Though well below pandemic peaks, the delta variant continues its spread among the unvaccinated and immuno-suppressed. Case totals in Jackson County are up 47% when compared to last week. In Kansas City case total are up nearly 70%, according to data posted Monday to Missouri's COVID Dashboard.

Mosaic Medical Center president says COVID-19 is 'escalating very quickly'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mosaic Medical Center President Jon Doolittle said that things are "escalating very quickly" with the increase of COVID-19 cases throughout the state. Doolittle posted on Facebook talking about what he has seen with COVID-19 in his hospital and heard through speaking with health care leaders across the state.

Topic of vaccines, masks riles crowd at Blue Valley School Board meeting

Overland Park, KS (KCTV) - Some of the nation's top pediatric doctors are recommending masks be mandated in class. The American Academy of Pediatrics, or AAP, this week wrote that everyone over the age of two should wear masks in schools even if they're vaccinated. That advice goes beyond what the CDC recommends.

Kansas City metro registered nurse says not all COVID-19 breakthrough cases reported to CDC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Not all COVID-19 breakthrough cases - which are being reported in the Kansas City metro - are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to one area health care professional. The CDC defines a breakthrough case as someone testing positive for the virus more than two weeks after being fully vaccinated.

'It's definitely alarming,' growing number of children in Kansas City hospitalized with COVID-19

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: OLATHE, Kan. - There's a definite shift in the people who are testing positive, or hospitalized, for COVID-19. When the pandemic began, older people were at greatest risk of getting ill or dying from the virus.

JCDHE and American Academy of Pediatrics release recommendations for back-to-school

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Before heading back to school, Liz Benditt vaccinated her two teenagers. "They got so much more out of school when they were in-person-socially, emotionally, every way possible it was more important for them to be in-school, in-person full-time," Benditt said.

Kansas City area parents have mixed reactions as health experts advise masks in schools

WESTWOOD, Kan. - The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending everyone age two and up wear masks to school when classes resume in the fall. Local health experts agree and are extremely concerned about the spread of COVID-19's delta variant when classes resume.

KDHE secretary: State considering new mask advisory

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Dr. Lee Norman said the state may reinstate mask guidance as the delta variant of COVID-19 spreads. Norman told KSHB 41 News the state is considering providing updated masking guidance, but it would still be up to local jurisdictions to set specific restrictions for their residents.

KC health officials and parents react to American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of universal masking in schools

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The American Academy of Pediatrics is taking a harder stance in their mask recommendations for schools in the fall than the Centers for Disease Control and some local health authorities. They're pushing for universal masking in schools, meaning everyone two years old and up wear a mask in class regardless of vaccination status.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson says he wants students in classrooms this fall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson told school administrators on Monday that he wants students in the classroom this fall but will not mandate vaccines within the state. He said during a conference call that in-person learning is more effective, noting that more than 85% of students were in school buildings the previous school year, according to information provided by a spokesperson from Parson's office.

Concerns over return to masks, other restrictions grow as COVID-19 cases climb in Kansas City

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Kansas City metro may be nearing a critical tipping point, according to some health experts. As the number of COVID-19 cases climb across Missouri, hospitals in the metro report steady increases of both new cases and COVID-19 hospitalizations.

You decide . . .