Shawnee Mission School District Debates COVID Masks Tonight

Don't worry about missing the conversation . . . Pandemic rules prevent most public conversation with elected officials nowadays.

Nevertheless, we share a useful and important review of the dilemma over mandated face coverings in JoCo . . .

Proposal A makes wearing face masks "strongly recommended" for anyone who is not vaccinated.

Proposal B is more specific, requiring face masks for elementary school students, as most of them are under the age of 12, until they have the opportunity for a COVID-19 vaccination.

However, both proposals require the use of face masks for anyone riding a school bus.

Parents and busybodies of all manner should read more . . .

Shawnee Mission School District to discuss masking, COVID-19 precautions for upcoming school year

Leaders in the Shawnee Mission School District in Kansas are sitting down Monday night to discuss rules regarding COVID-19 for the upcoming school year.At the heart of the options under consideration - should masks be worn inside schools?Because most COVID-19 vaccinations are approved for children ages 12 and older, more students at the middle and high school level will start the year up to date on shots.