Shawnee Mission School District Cancels Public Comment Live Stream

Social media pressure and a lack of understanding about a simple technology workaround will make it HARDER for locals to express and share their viewpoints without having to confront filters and politicos who would, clearly, rather submit rather than devise a simple workaround like . . . A blog or website using one of many other services available to consumers.

At least other members of the community can keep up with the meetings . . .

"Monday’s vote allows all other portions of the board meetings to continue to be streamed live."

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Shawnee Mission School District will no longer stream public comments

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Shawnee Mission School District Board of Education voted 5-2 Monday night to discontinue the live streaming of the public comment portion of its meetings. , the district reported that one of its school board meeting videos had been taken down from YouTube after the online video company flagged the video as containing misleading health information.