Rock Island Pipe Dream Done?!?

For the record, TKC is the only news outlet in Kansas City that REFUSES to forget Rock Island Trail was championed by a local politico who was forced to spend time in the federal can.

This project made quite a few promises that were mostly unfulfilled . . . Rock Island Trail was supposed to boost the entire Rock Island Corridor which would then become a Missouri transit BEHEMOTH and power the Missouri economy into the future!!!

However . . . 

A few arrests amongst the courthouse ruling class inspired quite a few "leaders" to turn away from the project and pretend they never attended the grand opening. 

Now, the hope to sell junk food and/or expensive drinks to cyclists is the only economic benefit on the horizon.

Good luck.

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Businesses see opportunities with opening of Rock Island Trail

Saturday is the grand opening of the Rock Island Trail. While many area cyclists and mountain bikers are excited, so are businesses that say it is opening at the perfect time."It opens up a whole new alley for the businesses along the way," cyclist Jim Lloyd said.