Raytown Grave Desecrated By Shooting Victim's Rivals

Proving the local beef can live on into eternity, tragic vandalism reminds us of the brutality that exists in the hearts and minds of local. 

Check the money line in this shocking report . . . 

"The headstone was not only knocked over, but vases were also broken, flowers were scattered, the headstone was tagged and even shot five times. His gravesite was seemingly the only one damaged at the cemetery."

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'You're not hurting him': Gravesite vandalized of Kansas City man killed 4 years ago

RAYTOWN, Mo.-A local family wants answers after their loved one's gravesite was vandalized. Jamon Morgan, 21, was shot and killed April of 2017 and buried at Brooking Cemetery in Raytown. "It makes me sad because this is where we have to come to get our peace.