Pride Of Overland Park Jason Sudeikis Hits Career Peak

And it's still unclear if Apple TV is worth $4.99 per month.

Still, we don't want to be too snarky given that he's funnier than most of the local native comedian and his Joe Biden impersonation is probably the best in the biz.

Accordingly, here's a quick look about what we've been reading about the dude this week which focuses on the hottie who got away . . . AND just a bit of surprising high praise from Conservatives. 

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Jason Sudeikis breaks his silence on split from ex-fiancée Olivia Wilde

Time will tell. Jason Sudeikis broke his silence on his split from ex-fiancée Olivia Wilde, saying he hopes the end of their relationship will make more sense in the future.

Jason Sudeikis Is Having One Hell of a Year

He got famous playing a certain kind of funny guy on SNL, but when Jason Sudeikis invented Ted Lasso, the sensitive soccer coach with the earnest mustache, the actor found a different gear-and a surprise hit.

Corny but indestructible, Ted Lasso is an American archetype | National Review

A big reason kids are so delightful is that they're so unguarded when they're playing or being silly, and the habit has a way of rubbing off on adults around them so that we can play right along, and everyone can have a blissfully unselfconscious great time.

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