Prez Biden Communion Crisis Cont'd

The debate over the potential denial of Holy Communion for Prez Biden is an important local story given that one of the prime movers in this argument is a local cleric. 

KCK Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann has been leading the faith community outcry on the national level and his advocacy has even forced the Pope of carefully chose his language. 

A perspective that we haven't yet covered . . . The communion denial decision will impact lay ministers more than most given that they'll be expected to carry out the will of faith leaders.

And so, in fairness, we take a look at both sides of the debate this Sunday morning . . .

Lay minister on Biden, abortion and Communion: No litmus tests, please. Everyone is worthy.

The blusteringU.S. Catholic bishops voted overwhelmingly a few weeks ago to begin a drafting a document on the Eucharist that could include restrictions on public figures who are Catholic and support abortion rights, including President Joe Biden, in contravention of Pope Francis' request to forgo a vote.

U.S. bishops seek integrity from public officials on issue of Communion

by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann I do not usually write columns during the summer months. However, since there has been much controversy in both the religious and secular press regarding the June assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, I wanted to share with you directly my perspective on the meeting.

Developing . . .