Potty Time: Kansas City Celebrates Gender Neutral Toilet Future!!!

Here's what passes for progress and Western Civilization circles the toilet bowl of history if only because very few people are allowed to snicker and/or make bawdy jokes over equal access to porcelain.  

Restroom equity is reportedly a big deal but it's also an argument TKC can't really take seriously because the scatological humor is a time honored tradition amongst the most brilliant writers AND jerks who probably peaked in middle-school.

Hold your water and read more of this worthwhile little link dump . . .

Any new or remodeled KCMO city restroom must now be gender neutral

Starting Tuesday, any new or remodeled restrooms on property owned by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, must be gender neutral. What this boils down to is a safety issue, city leaders say. City Manger Brian Platt will sign an administrative regulation making this a requirement.

Kansas City, Missouri, plans shift to all-gender restrooms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - All-gender restrooms will soon be available on Kansas City, Missouri, city properties as part of efforts to "create safe and inclusive spaces" for the LGBTQ+ community. City Manager Brian Platt plans to sign an administrative regulation on Tuesday at City Hall promoting such facilities, following the KCMO City Council's unanimous approval last month.

Kansas City to promote all-gender restrooms at city facilities

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The city is taking more steps to create safe and inclusive spaces for Kansas City's LGBTQ community. City Manager Brian Platt signed an administrative regulation this week to promote single occupancy or all-gender restroom facilities in newly constructed and renovated restrooms on city-owned properties.

Developing . . .