Overland Park Election Slap Fight Worsens

Here's a quick truism for all denizens of the discourse . . .

Sign stealing and complaints about it might be the lowest form of communication available to small time politicos.

Outrage of sign stealing is nothing less than a tacit admission of a campaign that's mostly based on cardboard and empty slogans.

Nevertheless, local politicos are too petty to let these allegations go and they make for easy news stories by equally bored local "journalists" hoping to get their quota for the day.

Accordingly, here's a JoCo crisis that isn't . . .

Overland Park mayoral campaign workers accused of stealing opponent's signs

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The race for Overland Park mayor is heating up. Sign stealing is at the center of the most recent controversy. "We saw two people in the median of the road wearing Clay Norkey shirts putting up Clay Norkey signs and they had taken down Faris Farassati signs which were laying in the median," said witness Max Phillips.