Old Man Jungerman Still Locked Up In Jackson County Jail

A quick #TBT reminder . . .

"The Sixth Amendment grants criminal defendants the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury consisting of jurors from the state and district in which the crime was alleged to have been committed."

Back in 2017 an old school Raytown codger allegedly shot and killed a Brookside lawyer representing a man in a lawsuit against the surprisingly rich senior citizen biz dude. 

The case is mostly about money but there's a political angle as well given that the suspect was a hardcore Republican and the victim was a progressive whose widow now holds rank among local political leaders.

Make no mistake, TKC has absolutely no sympathy for Jungerman. However, if scumbags don't have rights than NOBODY has rights. And everyone should have access to a fair trial.

Moreover, now there's a very real argument to be made that this dude has been treated unfairly and that could negatively influence the outcome of any trial.

Some of the best & brightest TKC reader notice that there's very little progress on the case and proceedings have been delayed for a year amid the COVID pandemic. 

Real talk . . . Everybody has been waiting for this guy to die in jail. But he lingers on his story reminds us about continuing challenges confronting local prosecutors.

81-Year-Old Accused Of Killing Kansas City Lawyer Wants To Be Released From Jail

David Jungerman, an 81-year-old Raytown man accused of killing a Kansas City lawyer in broad daylight, says he should be released from jail while he waits for his trial because he "has never killed anyone" and is not a flight risk.

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