NPR: Kansas Confronts Extremist Right-Wing Hostile Takeover?!?

Goofball haters who were quickly arrested by the Feds before they tried to bomb Somali immigrants a few years ago earned the spotlight in a recent screed that mostly blames former Prez Trump for worsening American discontent.

To be fair, the report also has a few nice tidbits of info about old school Kansas farmer anti-corporate sentiment.

But most of it is pretty standard politically-charged rhetoric that lumps in MAGA voters into the same garbage pile with terrorists like Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh.

Check the premise that blames local red state voters rather than MSM for putting former Prez Trump on television for almost two decades and then blaming voters for giving into to pretty standard name recognition politics.

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Right-wing Extremism Has Been Taking Root In Rural Kansas For Decades

GARDEN CITY, Kansas - Patrick Stein was bitter. Battles with drugs and the failure of his business in the 2008 recession had derailed his life. He fumed at the federal government for not doing more to help people like him while immigrants flooded in around him in Garden City.