Northland Council Members Want Out Of Police Board Lawsuit

Behind the scenes there's concern over the legal implications of the ongoing police board lawsuit over defunding/reallocation and 42 MILLION BUCKS that might soon go missing out of the KCPD budget.

Here are the basics . . .

Council members Heather Hall, Dan Fowler & Teresa Loar asked city legal to get out of the Police Board lawsuit against Mayor Q & Co. given their NO VOTES against KCPD defuding. 

Council dude O'Neil might've been somewhere trying to convince his union bros about the benefits of transgender restrooms and social justice.

Sadly, we head their request was denied in a wordy letter that, purportedly, displayed more skill and enthusiasm than 12th & Oak can usually muster when losing in court. 

And so . . . 

The legal battle moves forward slowly as Mayor Q promises to take the fight to the Supreme Court. 

Developing . . .