Missouri Guv Parson Declines Prez Biden's Door-To-Door COVID Vaxx Plan

Credit to the Guv for walking a political tightrope. He's boosting vaxx resources and public health efforts but pushing back against big government mandates.

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(Governor) Parson has urged people to get vaccinated, while also declining to enact restrictions to control the virus' spread, instead asking residents to take personal responsibility. Missouri — which leads the nation with the most new COVID-19 cases per capita over the last two weeks — never had a mask mandate, and Parson signed a law last month placing limits on public health restrictions and barring governments from requiring proof of vaccination to use public facilities and transportation.

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Federal officials push back after Gov. Parson says Missouri doesn't want door-to-door vaccine help

Federal officials are pushing back after Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said he doesn't want government employees going door-to-door in his state to urge people to get vaccinated, even as a COVID-19 outbreak overwhelms some hospitals.