Missouri AG Seyz Kansas City 'Defund The Police' Policy Illegal!!!

Right now the most important news for Kansas City is a formal rebuke of controversial Kansas City policy that has sparked months of debate.

And so an elected legal professional who is running for U.S. Senate weighs in against the Kansas City rock chalk law lecturer who recently moved away from his political base and might not have a future in public office.

Here's the money line . . . Whilst we still haven't heared what they planned to do with that 42 MILLION BUCKS.

In the brief filed Thursday by Missouri AG Schmitt, he called (Mayor) Lucas' plan "defunding the police," and said it was "illegal and bad policy."

He also cited a number of reasons as to why the BOPC is correct in their lawsuit.

Schmitt said Missouri law prevents the KCMO City Council from interfering with KCPD's operations.

"Missouri law is clear: the Kansas City Police Department is 'under the exclusive management and control of the board,'" the briefing claims.

Of course we encourage our TKC blog community filled with legal scholars to read more . . .

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt sides with BOPC in KCPD funding lawsuit

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed an amicus brief Wednesday in response to the ongoing lawsuit between the Kansas City, Missouri, Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC), KCMO Mayor Quinton Lucas, the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and other city officials.

Missouri AG calls city's stance on KCPD funding reorganization 'short-sighted, destructive, and deadly'

In a court briefing filed Thursday, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt took aim at the stance taken by Kansas City, Missouri, officials in the ongoing battle over funding for the Kansas City Police Department. Schmitt - who is running for Missouri's vacant U.S.

Missouri Attorney General says Kansas City's effort to change police funding is illegal

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri's Attorney General Eric Schmitt took legal action opposing the effort by members of the Kansas City Council to change the way it funds the city's police department. Schmitt filed an amicus brief Thursday morning in the lawsuit the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners filed against Mayor Quinton Lucas.

You decide . . .