Local Control: Kansas City Water Department Leaves EPIC Hole

Over the course of this year we've talked a lot about "local control" along with accountability and transparency in municipal government. 

Sadly, none of these concepts have helped more effectively manage a vital local resource.

And so, as always, activists tout the benefits of "local control" when it comes to law enforcement . . . HOWEVER, those very same protesters rarely have an answer as to why residents don't enjoy better services from agencies already under the direct authority of city hall. 

Example . . .

"The Kansas City Water Department dug the hole back in December to fix a broken water main, but never returned to fill it back in. Instead, the Water Department covered the hole with few a plywood boards and put saw horses around it. That’s it."

Take a look . . .

Kansas City crews leave massive hole, covered with just plywood, in woman's yard for months

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A deep hole in a Kansas City neighborhood is not only annoying a homeowner, she says it's treacherous. "This is dangerous," said Drenda Slayden, pointing to a large 4-foot-deep hole at the edge of her yard near E. 99th Terrace and Richmond Avenue.