Lee's Summit Teacher Stays Winning After N-Word Hot Mess

A crisis of language and culture war has been decided in this suburb.

Money line and a sign of community consensus  . . .

"Many supporters wanted Oswald to keep his job. More than 125 people rallied outside the school board meeting this week. They were among the nearly 2,000 who signed a petition online demanding that Oswald keep his job."

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Lee's Summit teacher who read racial slur during disciplinary process will keep job, board says

The Lee's Summit School Board said in a statement it voted 5-2 to not fire one of its teachers for using a racial slur when he repeated what a student said for disciplinary purposes.According to statements during school board meetings, Joe Oswald said the slur twice - repeating for disciplinary purposes what a student had said.Along with announcing Oswald will keep his job, the school district said a "review of policy and procedures will be conducted as part of an after action evaluation process related to this investigation."Many supporters wanted Oswald to keep his job.